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Hello leadership. For all who dont know this is whitney, and im here to post pics of the past few weeks of school. im doing my best do bust out my camera often and this is my little instamatic so these arnt as professional as the last ones BUT never fear, we will have "nice" pics of big events (ie: homecoming, flaot buliding,liberty idol,mr liberty etc.) and i will be contacting the year book to see if the pics that I take of the class can be in there rather then the blury incorrectly labeld ones.

and for those of you who are new to Lj and cannot figure stuff out...feel free to ask me, my commenting on this entry it gets emailed to me.
 1st day of school...showing our dancing skills, or lack of.

the jackster
ur wonderful TA allison
 ASB girls working hard.

Dear school,
 we have resigned as leadership so we can be on the streets as a gang, we are not united anymore we are seperated by colors. this is all b/c whitney showed her shoulders in class and no one (even the girls) could focus on their school work. since they couldnt focus they failed highschool and didnt get into college...so they joined gangs and so wahts the moral of this story kids. dont show your shoulders it leads to gang violence.
 love leadership

darn those are some hot shoulders....omg im losing concentration....

thats all folks
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