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Hey, Remember this...



What was the BEST part of your two week break? Why was it the best part?
What was the WORST part of your two week break? Why was it the worst part?

Also - to make you think:

There are six months left of the school year. What do you want to accomplish in this time? What assistance/help will you need in accomplishing this goal? What are the obstacles in achieving the goal?

In responding to your classmates, you could possibly brainstorm solutions to the obstacles that they see.
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Oops i forgot the second part!! What would I like to accomplish?!?! I would like to acheive a better grade in AP ENGLISH, just got to keep doing better on those essays!!! lol...Umm since this is my first year in leadership and that I am doing Mr. Liberty with Mariela ad Jared, I hope to have it go smoothly and it be another sold out show. Like you said Ms. Rod no naked, crazy boys(Mariela nad I may just have to beat them up this year) jk!! As far as obstacles and help that I may be needing, hmmmm....well I think that it's up to me to become an even better writer and as for Mr. Liberty, Mariela and Ms. Rod know absolutely everything to keep me on my toes about this production.

Mari Perez


January 9 2005, 01:44:20 UTC 12 years ago

Wow... where to start... before anything, i read everybody posts, they are pretty good and i did learn some things i didnt know... some people in this class are funnier than i thought. ok so my best part of the break was hawaii! it was so fun and really relaxing, my fam and i had never gone on a family vaca so it was nice. my worst part was that my aunt esther passed away, she was sick with cancer and was diagnosed last thanksgiving. I wasw with her her last few days and i knew she was suffering so when she passed i in a way felt relieved she wasnt hurting anymore. the wierd thing is she passed away dec 29th and my grandma passed away a few years back on jan 29th... well mayby its not that wierd, lol. umm.. 6 months left, thats scary to me. well im not sure where im going to school yet, its hard when your parents are set your not leaving, they dont realize what i do in school and stuff so to them its like... your leaving for school... who does that!? they believe in me staying home for 2 years then going to somewhere far enough for them to just 'stop by'... i feel i worked too hard to do that. Obstacles... getting sidetracked, mr liberty.. lol, my mom and dad..
The best part of my two week break was when my friend Bob came up from So Cal. My worst part was I don't remember. I'd like to find out what path (college, military, etc...) is best for me to find a niche for myself, I just need to talk to more experienced people in order to better understand what path is best for me. I'll have to overcome obstacles such as time and decision making.



January 9 2005, 22:38:45 UTC 12 years ago

The best part of this two week break that we just had was my birthday, i am now 17! I guess the reason this was the best is cuz now i can legally rent or buy or see rated R movies, such an accomplishment.....

The worst would be on Christmas when my sister who has not called or come to visit in 8 years called our Dad and told him to come by. He had me come with him, and now he has four grandchildren that he didnt even know about, and there was family there i had never known i was awkward.... I was the worst because i felt out of place and i did not know what to do with myself, or how to act.

There are many things that i want to accomplish on a emotional level mainly..... I am pretty sure this will take awhile, baby steps are good, so in these six months i hope to ....
1) Be OK with the fact that i got a 3.8 and that it might happen again, i am not perfect (nobody is)
2) Try and understand the fact that my parents are apart and i cant force them together and i cant take my angry feelings out on my mom, its not entirly her fault
3) I hope to try and at least look at the postive side in everything even if i dont want to ...... at least acknowledge there is a good side
4) Stand up for myself and others, not taking anyones shit towards me or my friends or anyone else, every one is equal and should be treated that way

I guess to accomplish this deals with alot about myself, before i was very secluded with everything i felt and in a way i still am, only one person knows everything i have done or thought (thank you heather pace) and it took me way to long to get that off my chest, but also i started just being with other people so i dont over analize anything and my mind can rest (thank you Brett, Chris (even though you turned out not so good, you did help me a lot there) and again Pace) I need to get overmyself and realize i do not rule the world.
sorry i didnt put my name i forgot

Danielle you're drunk... let's fool around.
that's right, i stay up all night and make soap. Then, the next day i go to a friend's basement and fight people in my "special club of badasses.alright so i don't do that, but it would be cool if i really was in a fight club... actually it wouldn't b/c i'd get my ass whooped.

well, the best part of break was the last sunday when i went snowboarding during the last day of that big storm. the snow was so powdery...sorry i just bust in my boxer briefs just thinking about how nice the snow was.
The worst part of break was basketball at 3:00 everyday. running and drills are tons of fun.
with these 6 months left i hope to get accepted by Berkeley
and get the stack of scholarship apps. filled. Rod can help me and so can Danielle b/c she pretty muchtold me what to write on one of my college essays.
i also hope to go snowboarding 20 times in the next 3 1/2 months( let's hope for a long winter.also keep my grades up.this is long.

Much love

Deleted comment

Are you gonna take that Brett? I think not. Thanks for the vulgar uninsightful post. I'd like to say it made my day, but it didn't. It actually ended it in a very mediocre way. I was having a good day, so it would seem appropriate for it to end in some sort of exciting, invigorating way. Nope, I just read this crap from Brett. God. Now I'm angry. You suck Brett, you suck.


Oh yeah, we gotta meet up at Squaw and shred some bitchin' powpow. Bitchin' is my official snowboard word, just so you know. And you still suck. You drive a pink Miata.

I really hope you get into Berkley. What will you major in? Soap making?

Well i am sorry i am a little late at writing this but i was kinda out of town and i am still catching up on a few things. Well i guess the best thing about my break was that i was able to go to australia and have an experience of a life time. I can not really choose what was the best thing that happened i would have to say the whole trip in general. I was able to ride atvs through the rain forest, hold a koala and pet a kangaroo. I traveled on 10 different airplanes and on the way home i was able to stay in Hawaii for 6 days. In the end i became very tan and had a great trip. The sucky part about the trip was that i have to do all the work that i had missed. That is what sucks about going out of town is that you have to do the work that you had missed out on like reading Hamlet by your self or doing 10 math assignments which you do not even understand. But if you ask me "was it worth it?" with out a doubt i would say "yes!!!!". I would not trade going to australia for anything else to do on a christmas vacation.
This is hella late, but it's here!

The best part of my break was being away from my boyfriend and not allowing myself to work on nothing! The bad part was that when I came back I had so many things to do that if I would have worked I would not have been so damn overwhelmed! But everything is okay or at least better now.

One thing that I would like to work on is get to know more people in the class and find out if I really do intimidate people. I don't want the class to feel that they can't talk to me or suggest something to me. I guess I am not as open or approchable as I thought or try to be. I am than scary of a person?

Oh and I have been told to not be so hard on myself, so I have to work on that too.
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