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Ok. So, I just found out that Teacher Appreciation Week is next week. OUCH. Do we have anything planned? I don't think so.

The actual "Appreciation Week" is from May 4-10. Teacher Appreciation Day is May 6. I need help on this folks. I know that the teachers really do a lot and we need to get something together (NOT the handy-dandy ashtrays we got last year).

I was thinking we could "thank" all the teachers at the rally by bringing them out to the center and giving them each a yellow or red carnation. What do you think Linds?

But, beyond that, we need to do something for teacher appreciation week itself. Let me know if you want to take on this lovely task. Sorry that I wasn't so up on it myself guys. I'm trying to get stuff ready for next year, but I need to finish up this year first (what a concept).
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