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Homecoming Cars

Hello everyone...I received this from Jessica Chen and thought it may be a good idea to post here. I hope you all have found cars. And, if you're an old L-ship person and want to help out with a car, I'd be eternally grateful! Jessica's message follows:

Hey Everybody, Jessica Chen here. As most of you guys know, Homecoming is coming up. I really hate bothering you guys over break but I really need CARS!!!! I have. . .like, 6 cars. I need you guys to hand out those slips!! Seriously guys, no excuses!! If you lost your paper slips, below are three that you could print out, cut and put them on convertible cars!! Remember, nice convertibles, pretty ones! I don’t want junky ones calling me!! So, right now, print this out and go out and find cars!!!

Thank you, and enjoy your break!
~Jessica Chen

P.S. After the car slips, I also included a car form for the people to fill out with the car info, a flyer you could put up, and some stuff the people should know.
P.P.S. The more cars you guys get me, the nicer I’ll be to you ! :)
P.P.P.S. Tommy Brandt and Mike Fernando, please call me about the cars you guys have.

We love your convertible car!!
LHS Leadership class is interested in your car. We would like to have it driven in this year’s Homecoming Parade, held on October 24, 2003. If you are interested in driving your convertible, please call Jessica C. at (925) 516-2660 and leave your name and address (to mail you a form).
Thank you,
LHS Leadership 03' - 04'

Are you interested in driving your convertible in LHS Homecoming Parade? If you are, contact Jessica at (925) 516-2660

Homecoming Parade is October 24, 2003. It will be held in Downtown Brentwood. The actual time and starting place of the parade is unknown, but I will contact you about it a couple days before the parade.

You, or a family member/friend can drive your car in the parade. If you can’t have anybody drive your car but would still like your car to be driven in the parade, LHS has licensed adults that can drive your car for you.

The convertibles will be used to have people sit in the back and wave. Leadership decides who will sit in which convertible. Having your convertible in the parade does not mean you can have your friends in the parade.

Thank you for helping LHS Homecoming Parade a success!!
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I have a beat up, rusty, 88' Dodge Aries... she's a peach.