Ms. Summer Rodriguez (msrodriguez) wrote in lhs_leadership,
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Congratulations to the Leadership class of 2004-2005!

First, you ALL have made it through the first quarter with grades to REMAIN IN L-SHIP! That makes me super happy.

Also, congratulations to the representatives of the Leadership class in the Homecoming Court: Jack, Elizabeth, Amanda, Nicole, Mariela, and Calvin. I know you will represent us well.

...If it were up to me, ALL of my seniors would be on there because I believe that you guys truly represent the BEST of what Liberty has to offer.

Finally, congratulations and GREAT JOB to Lisi and Lauren for the Junior Skit. Your hard work paid off. THAT is what a Junior Skit should look like.

THANK YOU to everyone for your hard work this week and thank you for putting up with me if I have been snippy.
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