whitney_irene (wbarbie_7313) wrote in lhs_leadership,

these are the best days of our lives

 Im so impressed with the homecoing court (top 14 baby!)
this week has been a rush! but there is nothing like the feeling of seeing all your hard work played out... i felt like we had a perfect rally. Julie and i have made a wonderful friendship outta all this and i couldnt be happier with our homecoming court. these are the times i regret not being in leadership my freshmen and sophmore years because our friendships and the things we can pull off as a team are more then amazing! there is nothing like being in highschool, this thought came to me when i realized my dad had erased the pics of the rally i had taken on friday and i just kept thinking you cant get thoses moments back and they are beautiful! luckly my mom had downloaded them already so i stopped freaking out!
this week is going to be amazing, no matter how stressed we are remember no matter what experiences we have after this nothing will be as unique as what we have here! i love you all leadership class!!!

Tommy Allen                         Brittney Allen

Brandon Bautista                   Shawn Beaver

JACK BELL                         Sara Ceja

Preston english                       Amanda Fernley

Blaine Koertje                       Mariela Perez

Frankie Zamora                     Nicole Forde

Bobby Rudd                          Whitney Fraga

Sam Potter                             Malorie Timby

David Ochoa                         Elizabeth Cruz

Calvin Williams                      Whitney Pearson

Cory Langraf                         Sam Zimmerman

Jeffery Sugimoto                    Heidi Helberg

Michael Stonebarger             Ashley Brown

Andy perez                           Courtney Kendall

Whitney Fraga
me dressed dorky for jr skit!!!

Julie and I ( we do the crowns sashed flowers etc. together)
Jr skit was freaking AWESOME !!!!!!!!

what a stud

this is my pride and joy!!!!!!
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